Monday, December 1, 2008

guests are gay!

this kid was pretty excited about getting a sketch done
and i dont think he quite understood what he was getting into...
when i finished the sketch( the first one) he laughed and paid for it,
ten mins later the dad comes back demanding for me to redraw his son
and i was working solo, so i had to do it.
i drew the second sketch in 5 mins or less and they framed it... go figure!

this kid was pretty cool about it, he liked enough to frame it, it just makes me happy
when the guest like sketch as much as i do.

now this guy didnt know what to expect, i think he felt obligated to buy it...


Matt Ryder said...

Great stuff ! I like the top one of the kid... parents hey....I can see a definate improvement since the con, Must make it next year, must make it next year, Must make it next year !

Jim said...

Dude...your stuff is getting better everytime you post something...keep it up. FYI..the first one you did of that kid was dead on.