Tuesday, March 25, 2008

why oh why?

ok so busch gardens is o full springbreak mode and this people were fan clubbing me to jacked up! i just wanted to make money but NO!... make me look funny... oh well i had fun....

this girl's family asked me to jack her up without her knowing... se loved it.

im sorry for the photo quality but a funny sketch

this girl got her sketch for free! her friends paid for it, if and only if i could jack her up
this guy started it all ! what a face!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


yes ladies and Gents i got a sketch by one of my all time favorite artist matt zitman, he came over to busch gardens to draw with us for a week and im very happy he did, no not becase he is a cool guy to hang ot with, or that i learned lots by seeing him draw, but the fact that i got this awsome sketch!!!
my nose is so not necessary...
thanks a bunch matt, i'll get you back at the con.

viva la spring break!!!

well the busy season is here!!! yay! and my sketches are gonna look like crap more often than not, hey i wanna make money something has to give... and besides that there is not time to take a picture... here are a few that i got a shot of in between all the madness.
these were 3 kids from a high school band.