Tuesday, March 25, 2008

why oh why?

ok so busch gardens is o full springbreak mode and this people were fan clubbing me to jacked up! i just wanted to make money but NO!... make me look funny... oh well i had fun....

this girl's family asked me to jack her up without her knowing... se loved it.

im sorry for the photo quality but a funny sketch

this girl got her sketch for free! her friends paid for it, if and only if i could jack her up
this guy started it all ! what a face!

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rumpetrol said...

super job dude!! keep it up. ive been drawing a little bit over here. i started a blog to put some of the pics on..but i dont know how to link it yet. i still miss florida. i was drawing alot more there. but im still keeping at it here to. looks like your haveing fun and learning alot. way to go!