Sunday, August 17, 2008

michael phelps

graphite on pressed cardboard.
this piece is for sale at the bobas' "making faces" caricature show.


Sean (53AN) Gardner said...

You know I thought this was rather funny when I first saw this (not having seen the actual swimmer). Then I was watching something on t.v. and he came on to make some statement for the press..... WOW DUDE WHAT A FACE!!! then I remembered this drawing, I'm curious why you didn't throttle this dude? Although I'm starting to think that maybe it was because you thought of it as a studio piece and not a drawing (that you would have fun with). I know that it was a hurtle for me to go extreme on studio work for some reason. I think it's due to pressure to really do something crazy, but scares you into holding back. I'm just curious if this is what happened to you?

bert5693 said...

when i started to draw this dude i thought it could go either way, i was gonna make a mutant out of him or go for a so what funny with a strong likeness. i did hold back,A LOT!, and i thought for the sake of the show i would go for likeness rather than fun, i have already started a second one where is harder to tell wether he can actually see the light of