Sunday, July 13, 2008

fighting the rain

so it is full on summer nights in busch gardens but this Florida weather is killing us! well here are a few drawing from last week.

this guy brought his whole family to get sketches, gotta love
them brazilians.

this kid was cool and a good tipper for being so young.
he was so excited when i told him
he was going up on the website.

this guy was one of the brazilians in the bunch...
i like this one a lot, i liked how her gigantor boobs
didnt fit the paper.

this kid had the coolest family, they were so happy
to have me sketch him amd kept
calling him a hillbilly,umm... they were english, lol.


Emily Anthony said...

You're doing gooooood!

Zitman said...

Good stuff man. Keep practicing drawing eyes. How the are in the socket and the shape of the eyelids. This will bring your likeness closer and open a new world for your drawings