Thursday, April 3, 2008

oh yeah!

it has been mind boggleing busy over at my park and i havent taken as many pictures as i should but this would do... correct me if im wrong but brits have the best sence of humor when it comes to caricatures... this kid's parents liked it so much they went to het their other son to get one.

this is the little brother... he didnt want to get one at first but he loved it after he saw what i did to his "lucky ears" lol dont ask!
this kid was all over my ear tellin me that i had to jack up his cousin and make him as ugly as i could but then when i showed hime this he wouldnt smile for his picture... lol

this is the cousin, and he couldnt stop laughing at the previous sketch he even tipped me out of his pocket for making his cousin shut up for once.
now this guy was a trip! he was all like" make me cool, im so hot, this is gonna be the shit... blah blah blah" and i asked him if he was ready for it he was all excited and happy, in a matter of 2.7 seconds, his face changed from = ) to >( ,lol, he was so upset as he paid for it, and to add insult to injury i had a huge crowd behind me loving it, and telling him it looked just like him! lol

this is a co worker, robyn rey, this is the first time i draw her and i was pleased with the sketch but i feel like i could've pushed it more...

her first comment was... make me look sexy, and he was like" fuck sexy make us look funny, i missed on her face but i liked his, and i know the old bling chain bid... but he said dont forget to draw my bling!
this dude was so baked it wasnt even funny! lol he loved the sketch even though all his friend said i made him look like whoope goldberg

got to work on my backgrounds....